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New Scientist 4 July 1998

V.27- O texto diz que durante uma videoconferência

People wearing glasses look odd during video conferences because their lenses reflect a disturbing image of the screen, but Nokia of Finland has come up with a clever solution (EP 812 106). Since all TV screens go blank for a few milliseconds as one picture frame replaces another, Nokia proposes synchronising the camera with the screen, so pictures are taken only when the screen is blank. All this happens so quickly that the effect is not noticeable??? especially as the picture quality of video conferences is far inferior to that of broadcast TV.

a)as lentes da Nokia refletem uma imagem de ótima qualidade.
b)a qualidade da imagem fica prejudicada para os que usam óculos com lentes grossas.
c)as pessoas que usam óculos parecem esquisitas, pelo fato de que suas lentes refletem a imagem da tela.
d)a imagem fica embaçada para aqueles que usam lentes comuns.
e)as pessoas enxergam melhor com os óculos fabricados pela Nokia.

28) V.28- De acordo com o texto, qual é a sugestão da Nokia?

a)Substituição de um quadro por outro.
b)Sincronia entre câmera e tela.
c)Combinação simultânea de imagens.
d)Eliminação do quadro durante alguns milissegundos.
e)Preenchimento do branco das telas de TV.

29) V.29- Conforme o texto, a finalidade do EP 812 106 é

a)sincronizar as imagens no espaço de milissegundos.
b)melhorar a qualidade de transmissão da televisão.
c)ressaltar a qualidade de uma videoconferência.
d)transmitir até mesmo as imagens distantes de qualidade inferior.
e)captar as imagens no momento em que a tela estiver em branco.

DESPITE French horror at England´s violent football louts, who smashed up Marseilles on June 15th be-fore a match between England and Tuni- sia, some Britons still get a friendly press in France: the Scots. They have been widely praised for their seemingly in- domitable high spirits (amid expected defeat on the playing field) and sense of fair play. One French reporter, im- pressed by the “indestructible smile and ever-genuine kindness” of Scots fans, has called for an inquiry into the “euphoric effects”???more potent, it seems, than Viagra or Prozac???of wearing a kilt. Scot- tish fans who imbibe gallons of beer and whisky and who occasionally bare their bottoms are readily forgiven. THE ECONOMIST JUNE 20TH 1998
V.30 – According to the passage,

a)the violence in Marseilles on June 15th was due to England’s defeat on the football field.
b)English fans occasionally get a good press in France.
c)not all Britons get a good press in France.
d)there were no Scots fans in Marseilles when England’s louts smashed it up on June 15th.
e)the English louts who smashed up Marseilles on June 15th were deeply under the influence of alcohol.

31) V.31- The passage suggests that the French press

a)has always praised the Scots’ horror of violence.
b)has often condemned England’s violent football.
c)is usually impressed with Scotland’s football.
d)regards the Scots as France’s best friends.
e)seems to have an enormous admiration for the Scots.

32) V.32- We can deduce from the passage that Scottish fans would be LEAST likely to

a)wear their kilts with no underclothes.
b)behave unkindly.
c)consume great quantities of alcohol.
d)show fair play.
e)be in a good mood.

33) V.33- “their seemingly indomitable high spirits” (lines 7-8) means that

a)nothing seems to affect their cheerful state of mind.
b)alcohol appears to raise their spirits.
c)their apparent feeling of invulnerability is impressive.
d)their high team spirit appears to be indestructible.
e)they seem to become.

34) V.34- According to the passage, one French reporter

a)attributed the euphoria of Scots fans to their high intake of beer and whisky.
b)decided to investigate the powerful effects of the kilts traditionally worn by the Scots.
c)said that wearing a kilt could hardly produce a greater feeling of euphoria than taking Viagra or Prozac.
d)was convinced that the euphoria produced by wearing a kilt was longer-lasting than that produced by Viagra or Prozac.
e)demanded that a study about the powerful “euphoric effects” of wearing a kilt should be conducted.

35) V.35- Choose the correct active voice form for: “They have been widely praised...” (lines 6-7)

a)The press had widely praised them.
b)People praised them widely.
c)One has widely praised them.
d)The press has widely praised them.
e)People has widely praised them.

36) V.36- Choose the item which best completes the sentence, according to the passage:....some Scottish fans bare their bottoms, they are readily forgiven.

a)No matter
b)Always if
c)All the time
d)Even when
e)In spite of

American workers are being told to go to sleep on the job, according to Dermot Purgavie in the Daily Mail. "Nap breaks" are becoming increasingly popular in offices, factories and even long-haul aeroplane cockpits. "It’s now as important for employers to offer a nap break as it is for them to have a coffee break", says P.M. Clary, a manager with a Californian computer consulting firm. Forty minutes’ sleep during the day can improve morale and increase productivity, and, according to research by Nasa, it can improve the alertness of pilots. "There are two periods when the body naturally wants to sleep - between two and four in the morning and two and four in the afternoon," Heidi Wunder of Washington’s National Sleep Foundation tells the paper. "We’re bogged down in the view that sleep isn’t productive." William Anthony, a psychology professor at Boston University, agrees. Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon and Brahms all liked a little shut-eye, he says. "It’s time for nappers to lie down and be counted." THE WEEK 7 February 1998

V.37- According to the passage, office, factory and long-haul aeroplane cockpit workers

a)are being given time to snooze at work.
b)approve of daily breaks.
c)are demanding more naps.
d)hardly have any time for coffee breaks.
e)are being dismissed for sleeping on the job.

38) V.38- We can deduce from the passage that P.M. Clary

a)offers coffee to all of his employers.
b)believes in the value of an afternoon sleep.
c)is a consultant at a Californian computer firm.
d)considers naps and coffee the best marketing a company can offer.
e)Which statement about Nasa’s research is true?

39) V.39- Which statement about Nasa’s research is true?

a)All airline companies should be concerned about pilots’ alertness.
b)Forty minutes’ sleep is barely enough for pilots to increase their alertness.
c)A nap can be quite beneficial as regards the alertness of pilots.
d)Alertness can improve provided that pilots are prevented from sleeping.
e)Alertness and productivity have hardly anything to do with the amount of sleep of pilots.

40) V.40- The passage says that

a)people need two periods of sleep amounting to eight hours per day.
b)the worst periods to rest are between two and four.
c)productivity and rest have little in common.
d)people generally believe nothing worthwhile results from sleeping.
e)Heidi Wunder agrees that sleep is unproductive.